Social Media is one of the biggest platforms over the decades and it is changing at a rapid pace each and every day.

Let’s take a slight example, content stories format was introduced on major social media platforms more than a year ago. Now it has become one of the most popular content the individuals are posting. If you want to look at the characteristics more than 250 million people are sharing stories on Instagram and WhatsApp every day and 70 million people were posting daily to Messenger Day just six months after its launch.

Social media has now been adopted on a large platform and for a long enough time. Time spent on social media is set to increase and looking towards 2018, social media trends in 2018 will continue to evolve and surprise us.

It’s really hard and impossible to predict on how the social media will change over the course of time.  If you are looking back on the few trends which were popular last year as artificial intelligence lenses became a smash hit with Instagram stories. And we also saw Instagram shopping which allows the users to make the more instant purchase.

Due to the popularity of social media, many businesses are now posting stories regularly on this channels and making root for them to excel and prove to provide the best services in their category.

Well if want to succeed and be a winner on social media one should be ahead of the curve and understand the latest trends and keep updating regularly.

Now we shall put a comprehensive social media trends report and learn about the top major trends to help and keep succeeding on social media in 2018.


1. Instagram Stories Are Now On The Upcoming High Trends

Instagram stories are a big deal and they are having no way to go out anywhere.  Daily viewers of Instagram stories are now increased and look like the growth isn’t stopping sooner or later. Instagram stories are likely the biggest change in the user experience and are making a huge impact.

The deal with Instagram stories is that the account with over 10,000 followers can now add a link to the feature. Considering the fact that you had only place to drop your link was on your profile page. This can be considered the huge deal for the buyers and the sellers as the opportunity is on their way.

According to the marketing point of view, Instagram stories are relevant for the video platforms as it can be easily trackable.

On the final note, social media platform like Instagram can be considered gold for engagements. Videos can outperform all forms of content on every test.


2. A Look Out For Higher Engagement Between Brands And Customers

There was a time when there was no close relation between a brand and customer. But now the time has changed and social media has made it possible. It has been noticed that 2 out of 5 customers mention the brands while sharing personal accomplishments on social media.

Brand are now realizing the importance of social media and the impact it can leave on their business. Brands are now creating a long-lasting relationship and using the social media as a platform to advertise their products. Brands are now following the customers where they could not reach in the past.

According to Instagram, 80% of the users are now following their favorite brands.

These opportunities are really great for your brand in 2018. Back in the days, we found that social media messages where ignored. But now there is a slight dip in the number over the years and now the brands still have the power to communicate with their customers and reach them through inbox messages, mentions, comments and more.


3. Chatbots Are The Norm

The rising tide of social messaging also lifted the chatbot. As Facebook grew the number of bots in Messenger also grew from 33,000 to more than 100,000 in just a year. There are also chatbots in Wechat, Viber, slack, iMessage, and many other platforms.

As we just covered about the communication with customers above, incoming social messages to your brand really need a response. But what if your organization is receiving hundreds and thousands of similar customer service questions? Now the answer to this question has been found out in the form of what we call it as ChatBots.

Social media trends in 2018 yet point towards another period of growth with chatbots as we saw a major spike throughout the previous years and the growth is likely to continue.

While on Facebook messenger alone there are more than 100,000 chatbots in use to gather the information. In fact, chatbots on Facebook have been shown to increase the organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times.

While more companies are focusing on implementing the chatbots according to the customer needs to answer the specific requests.


4. Social Messaging Will Surely Benefit Businesses

What’s the inside story of social messaging? Let’s check it out.

Business people used to communicate to their customers via phone, and then came email, then social media. And now in trend is social messaging. And messaging is helping businesses connect with their customers more than ever.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 56% people would rather message than call a business for services.
  • 61% people like receiving personalized messages from businesses.
  • More than 50% people prefer shopping with the business they can message.

Customers preferred way to communicate with the businesses have been shifting on a huge platform. They are shifting towards social messaging. Is your business ready to receive customer’s messages?


 5. Video Content Is Still A Popular Type

From the last couple of year’s, we saw video is the most popular content type and it is sure that this trend continues and 2018 will be no different.

Buzzsumo has researched on 880 million Facebook posts in 2017 and found that video posts have the great capacity to capture the attention of the users and has great potential to reach on a high level of engagements of other post types on average.

As we have seen a lot of great results with Facebook videos. Facebook video views have now increased by 900 percent year-on-year to 2.3 million in 2017 with little Facebook promotion.

There are lots of proofs for increasing the popularity and importance of videos. Let’s take an example of Facebook and Instagram, they have been introducing new video features over recent years such as live videos called Facebook live and stories on Instagram. And LinkedIn has now joined the league by introducing native LinkedIn videos.

As per the news, marketers are now spending money on video advertising the coming years. While Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram are the great platforms for video advertising.

Hope 2018 may be the year of video for social media.


6. Businesses Are Pouring Money On Social Ads

Well, the bad news is that social media is now a “pay and play” platform. If you want to play you must pay. Likewise, the organic reach and referral traffic are plummeting businesses are now pouring money for their ads to perform well and have more reach on social media.

The organic reach on Facebook has now lowered as Facebook introduced the changes to its algorithm to prioritize posts from family and friends rather than pages.  Both Twitter and Instagram also have an algorithm which affects the organic reach. Sharing my personal experience, while I was promoting Facebook page post for one of the products I just could not believe that it had no organic views while all the views were from paid promotion and just experienced the downfall of organic reach. This is really a bad news for the businesses.

While some of the studies have shown that the average engagement on Facebook has fallen. And brands need to think about the promotions it has to make through running ads.


7. User-generated Content Literally Helps To Generate More Traffic And Better Reach And Great Engagement

As we read above the lowering of the organic reach on social media to counter the downfall businesses are now looking at the alternative solution to reach their audiences, one of which is user-generated content.

Brands like Netflix and Starbucks are reposting user-generated content as a part of content strategy.

Here are some of the statistics about user-generated content:

  • Users generate content featuring brand droves seven times higher engagement than brand generated Facebook posts.
  • 45% of the respondents look at user-generated images for inspiration at least once a day.
  • 56% of the respondents are more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive customer generated a post of it.

Instead of producing the own content, businesses are now focused on publishing the user-generated contents to gain more engagements and trust. And by reposting the user-generated content they are also encouraging other consumers to post about their brand on social media and thereby increasing their brand reach.

These are some of the social media trends in 2018 and here are some of the highlights of other trends,

  • Almost 2.5 billion users are now using social media.
  • Social media is now capturing on mobiles.
  • Social messaging overtook social media.
  • Social messaging results with great benefit for businesses.
  • Businesses are affected greatly is they ignore the social media services.